Quality Assurance

Quality improvement and quality control is one of the corporate management’s primary tasks and a principal factor in Bergen Group's business concept.

The quality objective shall be reached by making use of the quality assurance system as a guiding tool to ensure that the correct quality is planned, achieved, maintained and documented for all activities within the organisation.

Bergen Group achieves this by:

  • Ensuring that implementation and follow-up of the quality assurance system is a lmanagement responsibility.
  • Ensuring that the quality control is decentralized and functions on all levels within the organisation, with support from the qualityManager.
  • Createing correct and adequate expectations, in order for the work to be done right the first time around.
  • Ensuring that the correct specifications, codes, standards, rules and regulations, are met.
  • Ensuring that all employees at all levels are qualified for the work they doand making sure that the stipulated quality achieved.
  • Executing revisions according to the plan approved by the CEO.
  • Ensuring that the quality assurance system meets the relevant demands set by NS-ISO 9000 and Environment standard 14001
  • Ensuring that the Bergen Groups topmost leadership commits themselves to further develop the quality control system.