Management Group

Group Management as per 15 November 2018:

Nils I. Hoff

Chief Executive Officer

Nils Ingemund Hoff  (1962) has a background from various leading positions in both finance and industry, including as CFO in Tandberg Data, CFO in Tandberg Storage and CFO in Data Invest. Hoff also has extensive board experience from industrial companies, including position as board member in Norske Skog. Hoff was appointed CFO of Bergen Group ASA in June 2015 to assist in the comprehensive restructuring process of the Group, and appointed CEO in Bergen Group as from 15 November 2018. Hoff has his economic education from Agder District College, with specializing in shipping, finance & administration and auditing.He is resident in Bergen, and has as per 15 November 2018 a total of 1,417,000 shares in Bergen Group ASA through his privately held company Eagle AS.

Morten Riiser

Chief Financial Officer

Morten Riiser (1984) assumed the position as CFO in Bergen Group ASA on 15 November 2018. Riiser has a background as VP Finance in Bergen Group since August 2018, and before that a manager position in the advisory firm KPMG. Riiser has varied accounting, consulting and audit experience from a number of different companies in various industries, including various assignments towards Bergen Group over a number of years. He is a state-authorized public accountant and graduated from the Norwegian School of Business and Economics with a master's degree in auditing and accounting. He is a resident of Bergen and has as per 15 November 2018 no shares in the company.

Øyvind Risnes

SVP Corporate Functions & Communications

Øyvind Risnes (1964) was employed in Bergen Group as Vice President Communication in August 2009. As from january 2014 he has been Senior Vice President for Corporate Functions & Communications in Bergen Group, and as from December 2018 he also took over the position as Managing Director in Bergen Group Sjøsterk AS.  Risnes has an extensive experience from management positions in different regional newspaper and TV/broadcasting companies in Norway. He has also for many years held central communication positions within the international acuaculture company EWOS (now Cargill). He has a bachelor degree in political science and information technology from University of Bergen. As per 15 November 2018 Øyvind Risnes holds 117 000 shares in Bergen Group ASA. Risnes is a Norwegian citizen and resides just outside Bergen, Norway.