"Quality through Service and Innovation"

Bergen Group has clear ambitions for further growth and development within the objective of being a leading maritime industrial group with main focus on the three different business areas Offshore, Shipbuilding and Services.

Our strategic goal is rooted in the company's vision of "Quality through Service and Innovation". The vision sums up both how we as a company act as well as how we as a company want to be perceived by our customers and by the society we operate in.

Our vision indicates that we first and foremost aim to increase our capacity and competitiveness through a strong focus on innovative use of knowledge. The vision also reflects our dedicated commitment to quality in all aspects. Bergen Group aim to continuously strengthen our international competitiveness through a quality based on service and innovation.

This demanding vision is affecting both small and large tasks within Bergen Group. The vision generates positive challenges for all our employees regardless of position and work task. We will deliver quality in everything we do - and the quality will be characterized by the most competitive service in all aspects. Our products and our services are also characterized by a purposeful desire to continually seek innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers.